Must-have beach and travel accessories

Must-have beach and travel accessories at

Packing is quick and painless with the right tools. Travel-friendly, lightweight and quick-drying Azure towels and robes are an excellent alternative to traditional terry cloth towels. These contemporary Peshtemal towels (also known as Turkish towels) are extremely absorbent, quick-drying and are taking up less space. Peshtemal towels are easier to carry and, therefore, often used as an alternative to towels in bathrooms, spas, beaches, pool sides, sport facilities and they are great for travel.

Azure towels come in so many styles and colors; you’ll be able to find one that suits your exact needs at

Breezy cover-ups, like Bamboo Peshtemal towels and the Exotic Beach Rope Cover Up, are great for lounging by the pool or transitioning between beach, pool, and home.

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100% cotton, lightweight and absorbent Azure bathrobes and towels are a must-have travel accessory that will make your life so much easier while traveling.


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